Jouvence is a Python package for parsing and rendering Fountain documents.

Jouvence supports:

  • Most of the Fountain specification (see limitations below).
  • Rendering to HTML and terminals.

The code is available on BitBucket and GitHub.



As with many Python packages, it’s recommended that you use virtualenv, but since Jouvence doesn’t have many dependencies, you should be fine.

You can install Jouvence the usual way:

pip install jouvence

If you want to test that it works, you can feed it a Fountain screenplay and see if it prints it nicely in your terminal:

jouvence <path-to-fountain-file>

You should then see the Fountain file rendered with colored and indented styles.


The Jouvence API goes pretty much like this:

from jouvence.parser import JouvenceParser
from jouvence.html import HtmlDocumentRenderer

parser = JouvenceParser()
document = parser.parse(path_to_file)
renderer = HtmlDocumentRenderer()
with open(path_to_output, 'w') as fp:
  renderer.render_doc(document, fp)


Jouvence doesn’t support the complete Fountain syntax yet. The following things are not implemented:

  • Dual dialogue
  • Proper Unicode support (although Fountain’s spec greatly assumes English screenplays, sadly).


If you can’t find what you’re looking for, have a look here: